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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i like mail.

today is wednesday. yesterday our rocking chair was delivered, and today, i had two boxes on our door mat. oh lovely week. harper is sleeping soundly to my right, while i update you!

last thursday i went outside and i had this wonderful feeling of fall. of course i wanted to shop! so i opened the macbook, broke out my nordstrom gift cards [from last winter], and went wild. look look look what i got! all shoes, of course..

oh, a linen'ish felt ballerina flat, with flowers [you know how i love a fabric flower]

i have wanted a pair of toms for months & months.

i luhv minnetonka moccasins, look at this new grey | had to purchase

go purchase something to fulfill your fall appetite...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

first annual indie craft parade!

i am a sucker for a craft show, especially one with a name like indie craft parade! bonnie, with going home to roost first mentioned this craft show a few weeks back on her blog. she will be a vendor at the show! from that moment, i wanted to go. this was when harper hadn't yet made her arrival and was due to meet the world on september 8th (or so). i knew we wouldn't be making the trip. but.. she now she is here, and my cousin and i are planning on making the adventure! yippeeee. this will be harper's first 'big' adventure.

here are the details:

"Indie Craft Parade brings the best handmade artists from the Southeast together under one roof. It’s a public market where you’ll find quality crafts, local food, and opportunities to make friendships and connections with the artists themselves. This event is for independent artisans and anyone interested in purchasing unique handcrafted goods from people within their own communities.

as you all know, etsy is really high on my list of love's in life. i wake up in the morning and kiss my baby, wash my face, drink my coffee, turn on the today show, and check etsy. it is a lovely morning routine. well. many, many many, etsy'ians will be at the indie craft parade! we will get to see it all in real life. LOOK at all of these artisans, that will be participating!

what a great little trip to look forward to..
have a happy tuesday!

Monday, August 30, 2010

pom luhv.

happy monday!
well if you know me at all, you know that i love, i mean love pom poms,
lanterns, and things that hang. my college apartments were filled with paper lanterns of all variations, and our wedding was filled with..
handmade flower poms

& paper lanterns

a paper lantern just screams fun to me.
and when you light them, oh man, you just can get any better than that.

i just found this new diy, from once wed, that combines them both! how excited did i get? well i ran out and got some yellow fabric, re-used a paper lantern from my baby shower, plugged in my glue gun and got to work! just a small warning, use
a small paper lantern, like 4 or 6 inch. i used a 10 in and ended up making thousands of little folded flowers. but in the end, worth it! i made mine to hang above harper's crib, i eventually want to make two more, i always decor to be in three's, just a little fetish of mine. but they can be used for wedding, events, parties, baby mobiles, or placed in a large bowl or vase. oh so many possibilities. try it out!

anything is possible with a hot glue gun.

cut circles in fabric, about 2-4 inches wide,
depending on how big you want your flower.
you'll need about 50-100, try layering your fabric for faster cutting

fold your circle in half, and glue.
fold in half one more time and glue again.

here are your flowers!

of course, sampson needed to help out

glue your flowers on, covering the entire lantern

and here is the masterpiece

Friday, August 27, 2010

smile, its friday

happy friday friends!
harper is ready for the weekend.

today is a big day, i am getting a hair cut. probably not drastic, but it is at a ridiculous length right now, on the verge of rapunzel.

i have been snapping pictures of the nursery all morning, so slowly but surely you will get to
see the whole thing. i am editing pictures right now, but here is a little peek into harper's humble little abode.

did i mention how much i love dwell studio? i fell in love with this dragonfly petal crib set, it was a tough decision, they have so many precious choices.

mirror stolen out of her aunt maddie's room, and look how cute her dad was as a baby! my mom, harper's granna, made the cupcake out of baby washcloths. we have a whole cake plate full, i will show you more next week. she also bought the vintage deer planter at an antique store. funny story, we saw the deer when we were together, i didn't buy it and regretted it. i talked about it for days. so i went back to make the purchase and it had already been sold. [little did i know, to my mom]. so when i opened my shower gift and saw it in the box, i was overjoyed!

mom also made tallulah & josie

well i hope you enjoyed the look around. more to come on monday, and a list of our purchases, resources, and diy projects we used to fill her nursery.

have a beautiful weekend

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i forgot.

i forgot to show you.
look at the sweet little etsy purchase i made today.
a cute little headband from petitcalla, for her first little photo shoot.
how sweet is that?

our little nest is complete.

oh my love'lies. i am back, finally. harper lucy made her debut on august 16th, earlier than we had expected! we are all doing great. she is sleeping soundly beside me on the couch as i type. we have been home for over a week, but my days are full. i really enjoy looking at her, so that takes up more time than you can imagine. i have always said that i wouldn't 'spoil' my child. but.. i guess you shouldn't say that until you have a sweet little bundle of love. she has really completed our little home, and i don't know now what we did without her.

so | meet harper..
i know she is mine, but i do think she is quite a doll, myself. we are still adjusting to life with a baby, she is pretty well behaved so far. i am rather proud..

i cant wait to share and catch up with you everything we have been doing the past few months. home renovating, growing a baby and belly, decorating a nursery, and fun summer travels. i finally have time to share all of the excitement with you. next on the blog roll, a sneak peek of harper's nursery, finally complete! see you tomorrow..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

well, i am back at my lovely little nest with my hubby, kitty witty, and dog. absence makes the heart grow fonder, not just for my man, but my bed, our little living room, and our little life. but, back home means back to work, which is not as appealing. i have to say, i love my jobs, but wouldn't it be nice to sit outside in the sun, craft, cook, and laze about during the summer? well scrolling down my blog roll before work this morning, bonnie, from going home to roost had featured a post from reading my tea leaves, on a most fabulous diy.
:: look look look ::

how easy it is to bring your garden, and outdoors inside. with a nail, bud vase {with a sturdy neck}, and some twine, ribbon, or yarn, you can transform a small space. i just love it. long ago, i had some sweet bud vases when i lived with my parents. they are still hanging in my old room, and i have thought many times about stealing them to hang in my home. but now, i dont have to. i have so many little vases laying around the house, i'm going to re:create this when i get home, i will let you know how it goes. if you don't have any little knick knack vases, you can find them at any thrift store for 25 - 50 cents.
such a cheap and sweet summer project.